Restaurant ChaCha

Georgian restaurant in the historical centre of Saint-Petersburg 




You can easily turn a usual breakfast in an exciting adventure, gain strength and vigor at lunch and dinner can make the main event of the day




Georgians adore holidays, and moreover, know how to so beautiful, delicious and fun to organize them that you enjoy every moment held a feast, and then eagerly waiting for the next ... "




Now the restaurant "ChaCha / Chacha Georgian Cuisine" hosts various events for our guests, such as an evening of Georgian music and dancing, a master class for the whole family for cooking khinkali and many others.




Our menu

490 rub.

Khachapuri Tbilisi

thin semi-puff pastry filled with cheese suluguni
450 rub.


tortilla with meat
180 rub.


homemade tortillas made from corn flour
380 rub.

Khachapuri Imereti

thin dough stuffed with cheese suluguni
580 rub.

Skewers of lamb flesh

670 rub.

Skewers of pork loin veal adzhika

360 rub

Skewers of chicken

490 руб


pork, beef and lamb
680 rub.

Dorado with spinach

dorado, baked on the grill, with a side dish of fried spinach with cream
630 rub

Salmon steak

Salmon fillet baked on the grill
650 rub

Sea bass with spinach

sea bass baked on the grill, with a side dish of fried spinach with cream
330 rub

Salad "Batumela"

oranges, lettuce with olive oil, lemon juice and tarragon

Salad "Ena"

Boiled beef tongue, fresh and pickled cucumbers, mayonnaise, garlic, fresh herbs
460 rub

Chef salad "ChaCha"

boiled beef, lettuce, cheese suluguni, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, garlic mayonnaise
390 rub.

"Tbiliseli" salad

lettuce, ham, cheese suluguni, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, dressed with mayonnaise and balsamic sauce

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About us

The Georgian restaurant «ChaCha» is situated in the historical center of Saint-Petersburg. Nearby of the pearl of Saint-Petersburg architecture -the Savior on blood cathedral - is situated cosy georgian restaurant «ChaCha», where reign tart flavors of southern herbs, freshly baked dough, juicy roasted meat and delicious cheese.
The flowing lines of the ceiling vaults complements the roughness of the bricks walls and charming chandeliers with fringe scatters light dim with separate spots .

There is no secret, that Georgia is famous with its hospitality. This point of character you will be able to feel completely in the «ChaCha» restaurant, thanks to the generous outstanding dishes of Georgian cuisine, caring service and sincere family atmosphere. A nice addition would be the traditional Italian motifs in menyu. Our chef has a vivid imagination and create fancy dishes, which combine professional perfection and individuality of the author.

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